Market competition in the final analysis is the competition of the customers, whatever selling the parts or service, The customer satisfaction is proving the success of marketing standard, "after service" means fully understand the customers, help customer to solve problems, improved the product quality and management level, to win the customer's brand loyalty by a full service.


3K Plastic provides you below two points:


1. In processing the projects:

If there are any problems with the moulds which are in production on customer side, please contact us for feedback, and then we will give you a reply within 24 hours, also when you receive the moulds, if your staff has any questions about the tooling, you can contact us as well, our professional technical engineer will give you a response. In case of the serious problems, we will send professional technical people to on-site service after we know the details of it.


2. New development projects:

Regarding the new development project, the customers often encountered some issues due to evaluate is not enough during the process of product design. It will take a lot of time to modify the mold or make changes on the parts during the mold making. That will increase the project cost and waste a lot of time on the project development. Therefore, we normally advise customers to adopt the mold development suggestions offered by us in the design phase of the project development.


Customer feedback process: 

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