High quality mold starts with a high quality design. Before mold machining, Engineering will provide a DFM report to analysis potential issue such as injection gate type and position, Mold layout, Ejector pins layout, draft analysis, thickness analysis, part warpage, sink marks and surface finish etc. If necessary, We also provide the mold flow analysis report to analysis the filing, pressure, weld line, airtrap, deflection etc. To discuss with customer and determine the final mold concept. After providing the 3D/2D for final approval.  


At 3K Mold Group, our design team consists of 15 skilled designers. They knew Hasco, DME and Custom standard etc Europe andAmericamold standard very well. Equipped with the latest hardware and software CAD, CAE,CAMto assist mold design and manufacturing. Rely on advanced equipment and 20 years experience in mold industry. 3K Mold Group has been built a diversified customer base from different industry.




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