Success from the Molding Expo 2017

Release date : 2017-06-15

3K Mold Company was glad to attend the fair from 30.05. to 02.06.2017 at Messe Stuttgart,During the four days, our company through a wonderful samples, posters, advertising sponsorship and staff preaching and other exhibitions to attract a large number of viewers to watch, greatly enhance the company's visibility and influence in the plastic injection mould industry, to achieve the desired purpose.


3K Mold Group is a mould making expert.


For the production of plastic parts capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for precision and surface quality, 3K Mold Group delivers high-performance molds, we have own mold design and manufacturing teams, 3K Mold is very familiar with DME, HASCO, MUSUMI, PROGRESSIVE, STRACK, MEUSBURGER, AGATHON, CUMSA and other standard applications.


We specialize in Precision injection mold, rapid tooling, double injection mold, die casting mold, and (BMC) thermoset mold, MUD standard of DME specifications, the Blocking mode with HASCO standard.


Our customers include the world's leading companies in the Automotive/Medical/Electronic/Telecom/Packaging and home appliance/Industries.



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