Mould is the process equipment basic of the industrial production

Release date : 2014-03-10

Due to the injection moulding equipment wide range of functional diversity of applications, it will continue to keep an important role in the processing machinery,,it will occupy two 5 of the machinery soles market in 2017,we expect that all over the world’s plastic machinery market will grow at an annual rate of 6.9%, the globle market will be achieved $37.1 billion in 2017.

So far,our country is still one of the biggest machinery equipment market,it has occupy 29% of the globle market,and will continue to lead the globle market demand.India will be the one of fastest growing country all over the world,it has occupy 12% if the market in 2013.According to the globle area to see,American central and southern markets’ processing are the fastest,the second is the Africa and the Middle East.In 2017,we expect to that dues to effected by the development of the globle transportation industry,Asia and the Pacific’s machinery manufacturers will acquire the advantage to fast delivery.
“3D plastic printer will be the fastest growing of the plastic processing queipment,From the present situation of a relatively small market to expand to other areas of the production.At the supportion of the rapid growth of the world constrction market,Extrusion machinery will usher in a period of fastest growth.”Cleveland research group has said.

A new study say, from a fixed investment spending and the acceleration of plastic products production,a best marketing atmosphere wiling come.The packaging will become the most market of the plastic processing machinery,it is expected to be more than a third of the total sales in 2017.The next largest terminal market will be the consumer products and the construction area.

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