To change the gas for the water, injection moulding is “living”

Release date : 2014-03-10

Mould is the process equipment basic of the industrial production,referred to as”the mother of the industry”,we have that,gas assisted injection molding technology can be flexibly applied to a variety of molding products,but for the larger diameter pipe production of medium,this kind of process has a large redidual wall thickness,because of according to the gas transfer heat from the inside,increasing the down cool time.Parts of more than 40 mm in diameter,formed in the airway,also are at risk of melt flow down along the mold wall.Before,this is a production bottleneck,and water molding technology not only has the advantages of gas assisted moulding technology,can short the moulding cycle,can generate wall thnner,bigger diameter product size is more stable,the inner surface quality better,more smooth,uniform wall thickness is more,lower production cost.Water auxillary molding process as a new injection molding technology,compare with other injection molding,it has obviours advantage,but as a result of the short time of the development,Forming mechanism,process,tooling and equipment to be in-depth study.
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