The application case of analyze the pressure sensor injection mould

Release date : 2014-03-10

Todays compertition demand the mould manufacturer not only just product mould,when we face to the customer various questions ,we also has the ability of generalists,for example,when the user asked “what percentage of contration we should use ?”,they need to play a plastic role;and when the user asked “how high the mould temperature we need,and how fast is the heating up?”,they need to play a craftsman role; and when they asked”are there any other products of demoulding method?”they also need to play an automotion engineer.There aren’t exist so much surface in past time,however rely on the pressure sensor effect at present,it can make the mould manufactures had this ability.

This kind of the pressure sensor can be mounted in the injection moulding machine nozzle,hot runner system,the cool runner system and inside the cavity of the mould,it can meature plastic pressure from the injection moulding machine nozzle to cavity plastic pressure somewhere in between plastic injection moulding,mold filling,pressure maintaining and cooling process.Those data can be recorded the monitoring system,to be used for true time control the moulding pressure,
Combine inspect or exclude product process appear malfunction after molding.
At present,there are two kinds of pressure sensor in the cavity,thats’ the flush type and indirect type.
Flush type sensor is through installed in cavity behind to frill a hole and inserted in to the cavity,which the top and the cacitys’ surface are leveling,it’s cable across from the mold and connect with the mold the surface monitoring system interface.The advantage of this kind sensor isn’t influenced by stripping pressure disturbance,however it’s easy to damage when it under the condition of high temperature,give rise to hard to assembly.
Indirect type sensor can divide into two kinds of structure,which are sliding and buttons.Both would impose on the plastic melt pressure ejcction device or a fixed pin is passed to mold ejection plate or moving senor on the template.Sliding type sensor usually install under the existing pin ejector plate.And in the high temperature molding,or when the low pressure sensor for small top pin,sliding type sensor ordinary be installed in the mold dynamic template,this time,pushing a pin through the ejector sleeve and transfer function or use another pin.Transition pin have two functions,one is under the condition of using existing ejection device,it can make the sliding type sensor escape to the stripping pressure interrupt.The other function is when the short production cycle,mold release speed,it can make the sensor is not affected by the influence of the ejector plate rapid acceleration and deceleration.
Generally speaking,button type sensor to be fixed in the mold of a concave nest,thus the installation position of the sensor must be the location of the processing personnel are most inhereated in.If need to disassembly this kind sensor,must open the template or some special design on the structure in advance.According to the location of the button type sensor in the mould is different,may need install the set of the cable box in the template.Compair with the sliding type sensor,botton type sensor pressure reading are more reliable.This is due to button type sensor is always the nest are fixed in the mould,and don’t like the sliding type sensor can move in the borehole.Therefore should be used button type semsor as far as possible.
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